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In July 1993 the Sahtu Dene and Métis approved the Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMCLCA) which was subsequently approved by the Government of Canada and the Northwest Territories. This agreement was signed in Tulita on September 6th, 1993 and came into effect June 23rd, 1994.

Once the SDMCLCA came into effect, the Tulita Dene established the Tulita Land Corporation and Tulita Financial Corporation to administer their rights and implement permitted activities.

Both Tulita Land Corporation and Tulita Financial Corporation have the same Board of Directors who are elected every two (2) years. The Board consists of a President, Vice-President and five (5) Directors.

A Youth and Elder representative are appointed from the Annual General Assembly

Tulita Land Corporation is a designated Sahtu organization and not for profit Corporation under the Canada Corporations Act.


a.) A designated Sahtu organization which administers the capital transfer pursuant to 8.1.1 amounts payable pursuant to 10.1.2 or land transfers pursuant to 19.1.2 shall be structured that:
i.) All participants have an equal interest therein as at the date of settlement legislation;

ii.) Such organization shall be owned and controlled by participants and membership or shareholdings shall be non-transferable.

b.) any subsequent restructuring of the organization in (a) shall respect the principle of maintaining an equal interest of participants at the regional, Sahtu community or aboriginal community level, in respect of land and capital assets.
c.) Persons enrolled pursuant to 4.2.2 shall not be counted for the purpose of any apportionment among designated Sahtu organizations of the capital transfer pursuant to 8.1.1 or amount payable pursuant to 10.1.2.

Membership is limited to persons enrolled in the Tulita Land Corporation in accordance to Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement.

Members must be 18 years old to be eligible to vote in the Election.

Tulita Financial Corporation

Tulita Financial Corporation was established under Sahtu Dene Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement for the purpose of earning income to carry out permitted activities according to Schedule 1 Chapter 11.

11.3.3, SDMCLCA

a.) A settlement corporation shall restrict its investments to those made in the course of carrying on activities permitted under schedule I to this chapter and those described in schedule II to this chapter.
Tulita Financial Corporation was incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act.

Membership is limited to Tulita Land Corporation.


Tulita is a picturesque little hamlet of fewer than 600. Located 90 kilometers south of Norman Wells, and 150 kilometers west of Deline, on the banks of the Mackenzie River near its junction with the Great Bear River. Our community includes Slavey, Dene and Metis People.

Weather and Environment

Summers here are warm and short; winters long and cold. Winter starts in October and the Mackenzie River is frozen solid by November. The ice finally breaks up in mid-May and its beautiful glowing ice crashing against the mighty Bear River. During the short summer the temperatures average 22 degree Celsius but can rise to 30 Celsius. The best of the summer is 24 hours daylight. When the birds are singing and the river is flowing, summer is really here!

Access and Communications

Northwright Airways provides scheduled service and Buffalo Air provides freight service. Flights from Norman Wells arrive six days per week, twice a day. Mail comes in every day and goes out three times a week. In the summer barges move up the Mackenzie River with supplies thus reducing freight costs compared to air freight.

Fifteen kilometers of local road serve the community all year round. Winter roads link the community of Norman Wells, Deline and south to Edmonton during the winter season, when additional supplies can reach Tulita by trucks.

Fifteen kilometers of local road serve the community all year round. Winter roads link the community of Norman Wells, Deline and south to Edmonton during the winter season, when additional supplies can reach Tulita by trucks.


The CBC Northern Radio AM station offers community information and news. The community also provides two FM stations from Yellowknife and satellite country music. For local enjoyment residents can receive these signals from the satellite using outdoor dishes. Most residents receive either Shaw or Bell ExpressVu signal with their own satellite dish. The community library also provides Internet service to the public, and Northwestel provides DSL internet.

Tulita has a Northern Store that provides: hardware, dry goods, clothing and groceries. As is the case in most Northern communities, fresh produce is pricey because it arrive twice weekly by air.

Tulita may be very small, but it has fully functional school, the Chief Albert Wright School where a half dozen teacher plus assistants and councillors teach local children from Kindergarten to grade twelve, primarily in English. The school offers a gymnasium and a library. The school also has access to the community arena which houses a skating rink, curling rink, and medium size community hall. In addition, Arctic College in Tulita offers adult education.

Tulita also has its own health center, staffed by two nurses, with doctors visiting every month and dentists every two months. In case of medical emergency, the patients are flown immediately to a hospital in Yellowknife.

Tulita also has policing in the community, with a detachment of two members of the RCMP.


Tourists can find accommodations at the Two River Hotel. Local guides are available for big game hunting on the Bear River or Keele River. Fishing or sightseeing in and around Tulita is excellent, traveling up the Bear River to Great Bear Lake or to Kelly Lake are just a couple of the sites to see. Experience northern hospitality at its best.

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