Tulita Financial Corporation

The Tulita Financial Corporation is the financial arm of the Tulita Land Corporation. The TFC collects funds from the regional land claims and manages the TFC account. The TFC is primarily focused on providing funding to benefit members, such as funding for permitted activities, scholarships and bursaries, as well as funding the operation of the Tulita land Corporation.

The TFC works with the Sahtú Secretariat Inc. to manage funds allocated to the Sahtú by the Sahtú Dené and Métis Comprehensive Land Agreement. For more information see the Land Claim Agreement and the Sahtú Secretariat Inc.


Executive Director

  • Lorraine Doctor

Finance Officer

  • Tamara Tatti

Administration Assistant/Beneficiary Officer

  • Tina Etchinelle

Communications/Project Management

  • Kerri McPherson

Housing Coordinator

  • Karla Lennie