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The Tulita Land & Financial Corporation is set up to receive and hold in trust money and lands settled on the community of Tulita by the Sahtu Dene and Metis Land Claim Agreement with the Government of Canada.

Title to lands selected by the Sahtu Dene / Metis was transferred to the Sahtu Secretariat Inc. in 1993. The Tulita Land / Financial Corporation was set up in 1994. This corporation is responsible for Tulita's share of Sahtu lands and for the community's share of the dollars paid to Sahtu beneficiaries by the government of Canada. The corporation is called a designated corporation in the Sahtu Land Claim Agreement, and it has certain obligations and permitted activities.

The administration of land is carried out by the Tulita Land Corporation. The Tulita Financial Corporation is the group that looks after Tulita's share of the claims money.

Every adult and child beneficiary is a member of the Corporation. Members elect a Board of Directors and a President every two years. The Board provides the direction for the day-to-day operation of the Corporation. The Executive Director, the Finance Officer and the office staff help carry out projects the Corporation is involved in, and keep track of the money.

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