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Sahtu Enrolment

Application Process

Pursuant to Chapter 4 of the SDMCLCA, the SSI is responsible for both the costs and the appointment of a seven-person Sahtu Enrolment Board (SEB) with one person representing  each of the seven Aboriginal  communities in the Sahtu region
 (see Appendix 1).

The responsibilities of the SEB include the following:

  • Accept applications and  signed consent forms for enrolment.
    • Establish an Enrolment Registry and enter the names of each person eligible to be enrolled.
    • Maintain the  Enrolment Register.
    • Maintain a record of applications for which enrolment was rejected.
    • Notify each applicant whose name has not  been entered into  the  Enrolment Register of the reasons for the decision to refuse enrolment and of that applicant’s right to appeal any decision with respect to enrolment.
    • Remove from  the  Enrolment Register the  names of persons who  are not minors and who have notified the Board in writing  that their name is to be removed, and the names of minors whose parent or guardian have notified the Board that the minor’s name is to be removed from the Register.
    The SEB conducts meetings at least three times per year in the Sahtu region to review, approve, or decline applications for enrolment.  However, in 2008-2009, the SEB held only two meetings: the first in June and the second in November 2008. In addition,  from June 24 to June 27, 2008, the SEB conducted  a Sahtu Tour and visited Tulita, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, and Colville Lake to ensure all community members had their identification. As well, help was provided  to community members with their enrolment applications.

    An Ancestral Project was completed  in December 2003 and the SSI now has an extensive database to
    assist in determining eligibility for enrolment.  As of December 31, 2008, there were 3,179 people enrolled pursuant to the SDMCLCA.

    Enrolment Application Form

    Application Transfer Form 

    Membership Card Form

    New Employee- Sahtu Enrolment Board

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